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Katherine O'Brien
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Thoughts About Color and Painting 


Studying, painting and experimenting contribute to the formation of any artistic style.  My love of art has taken me in a direction to study light and color in landscape and other outdoor painting venues.  The changes in daylight, tides, seasons and weather that affect our surroundings insure that my style of painting is constantly challenged.  Changes in nature force the development of different techniques to be able to capture a mood.  

I describe my paintings as classical type compositions with a contemporary use of color.        

When I begin a painting the piece starts with form and subject as a primary focus.  As the piece develops, color seems to become my primary focus while the subject becomes a vehicle used to carry the color.  I work with the intent that each part of a painting relates to the next in color, tone, texture, flow and hopefully, harmony and balance. 

It is my hope that those viewing my paintings can join in the celebration of the fresh air, warmth, light and familiar places that I enjoy when working. 



  • B.A. - Emmanuel College,  Boston MA
  • Private study Basin Harbor, VT;  Nantucket Arts, MA; Marblehead Arts, MA
  • Montserrat College of Art,  Beverly,  MA

Paintings by Katherine O' Brien 

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